Mediterranean International Summer Camp

  • 1 to 15 July
  • Freedom Station- Alicante, Spain

Free your mind and communicate through your emotions.

The Freedom Station is the first step to liberating the participants from their self- limiting beliefs that have created barrios to well being.  At this stage, the participant will let go of what feels safe and familiar to venture into their unexplored world. 

The program will place them in situations that will enable them to practice how to let go of their insecurities and limitations.  They will realize and understand their inner strength that they did not realize where there all along.  They will develop their emotional intelligence to their full potential. They will open their minds to new and interesting experiences and use their tools to increase their capacity to be creative, innovative and communicate globally.


This program is designed for children and teen ages 7-16 years old.  The object of the program is to improve language levels in a short period of time in a multicultural environment.  This is accomplished through interaction with native counselors, teachers and other participants from a variety of countries.   We also use the most up to date practices of self-motivation (Emotional Intelligence, Acting, Coaching and Socializing).

Guaranteed Success

The 5 key points

PTP Activities
Linked between them progressively it will benefit the practice of the desired language through acting, motivation and creativity
Personal Development
The program will include acting activities for the overcome of stage fright and dynamics for erasing doubts and insecurities
Location and facilities
Situated in a natural orchard by the Mediterranean Sea. 70.000m2 with wooden cabins, dining, pool, artifical lake and playgrounds
Continuous oral practice
Through the workshops, activities, interaction with international participants and bilingual staff
International Coexistance
International environment with bilingual staff (spanish and foreign), and kids and teenagers from different parts of the world, enhancing the continuous communication.
In the summer camp they learn to share ideas, experiences and knowledge with their campers fellows and their monitors in a very different environment from homework and school examsTeresa Serra, Mother of participants
What I like the most about this company is the customer care given especially in the Summer Camp, where the director, Maribel personally supervises all the activities taken there, being in the Camp the whole stayNieves M. van der Hoeven - Mother of participant