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From my perspective as professional Coach and expert in Neuroscience, I think living PTP experience add to the participants a mental and emotional growing which is difficult to compare with any other formation and creates a turning point in our children´s life. As a mother, this is exactly what I experienced with my son CarlosIsabel Souza. Mother of Progress Station participant
Our educational group formed by Colegio Abaco, Colegio Alameda de Osuna and Colegio Arcangel Rafael is happy to have been close partners with LAP Beyond Languages so our students can improve their language level participating in their programs, which complements in a great way with our educational project. Our students formation with LAP has been very positive and enriching in all meaning
Gregorio Alvárez
Educational Director Colegios Alameda de Osuna, Ábaco and Arcángel Rafael

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