Academic Year Abroad

  • 1 year, 1 semester, 1 term
  • Alpha Station- Spain

Now you have the tools, you can build your destiny;                               think, feel and act as an Universal Citizen

Spanish language courses in Spain

Living an extensive period of time abroad is the best way to gain maturity, personal growth, self-confidence, experience and language proficiency.

Spanish is becoming a potential language within the work setting and students who go on an exchange program to Spain come back having a       thorough knowledge of Spanish culture and language. The main target of this program is to encourage and inspire young people to become considerate and open-minded citizens by creating educational opportunities to share beliefs, ideologies and values across cultures and instill the ability to enjoy and adapt to diversity and change .

This is the fourth and last station of the Progressive Training Program. We called Alpha to this station because we understand that after overcome this level the participant will be able to start a new stage with today´s world interaction, in a boarderless world. This stage is undoubtly the most important challenge in the program. Everything done so far makes sense in this stage.

International students will attend regular classes in a local Public or Private High school (by request). This experience will enrich their life and complement their classroom learning. They will also establish strong friendship with Spanish native speakers and other international students.


Spanish Culture

The Spanish culture is known for being warm and welcoming. The family extends beyond the core family unit and includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.  The most important meal of the day is lunch.  It is a great time to enjoy delicious regional dishes and share your daily experiences with your host family. 

Spaniards also appreciate the performing and fine arts, and are proud of Spanish arts being internationally recognized.  Each region in Spain has its own unique folk dances, music and dress.





Host families: International students will be hosted in a Spanish host family, usually they will attend the same high school as the host family children.  This helps to build friendship, learn the Spanish culture, and to understand and appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity.  Full room and board is provided.