Strategic Alliances

    When we strategically become allies

    We turn our weaknesses into opportunities

    Learn spanish in Madrid

    Alliances with worldwide institutions


    LAP has its doors opened to those companies who wants to join our mission, this is why we invite you to come closer and get to know in depth our business purpose, we will be glad to share a moment of encounter and reflexion with a view of reaching agreements which can be beneficial for both parties and of course for our consumer.

    Our partners

    We think globally to act globally, that´s how we work in today´s world, increasingly more connected and motivated to give full rein to our creativity and innovation.

    We encourage you to join our project , we are a dynamic company with the doors opened to those who wants to add their know-how to make people live in a better world.


    Benefits of having an alliance with LAP

    25 years of uninterrupted working in the Language course´s market has allowed LAP to develop the know-how that it shares today with their local and international partners
    High Standing
    Personal treatment with our customers, continual training, good performance of our human resources and the strong compromise of always being ready to give solutions for our target needs are the key factors to get the recognition of thousand of parents and students who are today part today of the “LAP Great Family”
    Creativity and Innovation
    Anticipating changes developing services always focused to fulfil the needs of the market, showing genuine interest for contributing with solutions that can improve people´s quality of life have made of LAP a dynamic and innovativeupdated company, this is something that has clearly have shaped our culture and business values

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