Language program agency Spain

    Agencia de Viajes y Estudios LAP has over 25 years of experience in the business of Language programs inside and outside Spain

    In 2010 we had launched new innovative programs, offering strong new alternatives focused on covering actual needs of development.

    This new concept within “language courses” category improves the learning process, while developing other important skills of communication.

    We are talking aboutProgressive Training Program which improves the participant’s possibility of success by adding a different way of understanding others, improving the way they interact and paves the way for gaining the objectives they have proposed for themselves and for society as a whole.

    In order to fulfil this objective, LAP has incorporated new tools like Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, having as a result a transformative and powerful program.

    This learning process includes dynamics linked to Acting and Socializing, essential to coping in today´s world.

    Now LAP has two new divisions, Educational Trips and Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.  These services are more and more required between our customers

    Educate, train and accompany children and teenagers in learning and practice of Spanish and English languages as a global communication tool, through a Progressive Training Program.
    Being an international leader in the successful training and education of “Universal Citizens”, individuals with language knowledge and skills in handling Communication, Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence, Acting and Socializing.

    Language courses agency Spain


    Education for proficient interaction between cultures
    Appreciation of teamwork
    Protection of the environment
    Wise management of natural resources
    Strong compromise with social action.
    GIP – Genuine interest for people


    Maribel Iglesias

    Ceo & Founder LAP
    Professional Coach & Speaker


    Devoted to language programs for more than 25 years she has developed a great experience in methodology and motivational technique focused on learning and foreign languages practice. Being adviser and speaker she is often consulted by specialized media about the implementation of techniques and dynamics that facilitates global communication.

    Maribel is entrepreneur with professional training in Coaching,Emotional lntelligence and Neuroscience applied to Coaching.

    Alberto Raúl Pierini

    Project Director “Progressive Training Program”
    Marketing graduated
    Specialist in Non Profitable Organizations (ONGs)
    Professional Coach & Speaker


    Being Born in Argentina and graduated in Marketing and Business Administration has been focused on business development as an advisor specialized in diversification and product development tailored to the needs of the demand.

    Masters Degree in Non-Profitable Organizations, has developed very important tasks in the Third Sector , especially in Healthcare area where he hold the position of Executive Director in the National Cardiology Foundation, devoted to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, first cause of death in the World.

    At present, he works in the implementation and comissioning of personal growth programs playing  a key role as LAP´s Marketing and Development Director.

    As professional Coach he carries out processes of Life Coaching for teenagers and adults.