Italy Trips

    Educational tours in Italy

    Whenever we want to admire Old Continent´s culture, Italy is the place par excellence which reunite all the conditions for the visitor to fully enjoy every moment of their stay.

    Its art, its historical buildings, carefully-preserved ruins are the example of a milennian culture which remains in every corner of the country offering the guests the possibility of contrast its historical richness with the modernity of a country which always proved their creative and innovative skills.







    Cultural trips in Italy

    Roma, Firenze and Venezia

    This wonderful itinerary around Italy has been created to bring you an unforgettable experience from an emotional trip where you will discover a magnificent Italy. Across its colourful streets and romantic places you could find a combination of art and history, fashion and elegance, artisanal Ice-Creams and excellent food to taste , all of this surrounded of extensive and beautiful landscapes.


    Between the deep religious spirit throughout the Church and its history, and the daily life of the warm Italians, this trip will take you to live and feel all the history of centuries past to the present.


    This schedule has been designed to provide you a wide range of sensations. However, we will always give you free time to enjoy yourselves, and relax contemplating a wonderful view, or even having optional activities.  We will take care of you during the trip.


    See you in Italy!!