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    Freedom Evolution


    Specialists in Enabling Personal Growth

    Online Summer Program

    It is a 10-day course, 3 hours per day, 30 hours in total.

    It is an international training, so it will be given in two languages, Spanish and English.

    The focus will be on entertaining teenagers at all times, but with a much deeper approach than just an entertainment program, as it is a personal growth program with high emotional content, providing tools for participants to find their way to greatness, connecting with their confidence, eliminating fears and paralyzing clichés and improving interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.

    Program information


    From 12 to 18


    From 20 to 31 July


    Mon-Fri 16:00 to 19:00 (CEST)




    Spanish and English



    What are going to work on?

    Program Content


    Transformation and Creative Thinking


    Stress management, addiction to new techologies

    Emotional Management

    Learning to manage emotions from Emotional Engineering. Talent and vocation

    Limiting beliefs

    Go beyond your limits, reach for your dreams


    The magic of life transformation


    Focus and mental productivity

    Laughter Therapy

    Generating mental and emotional benefits through laughter


    Being in the present to see things as they really are

    Practical dynamics

    Reflexing tales
    AV Analysis
    Talent Show
    Prom Party

    Program directors



    Complete the online pre-registration

    Send by email to the following documents:

    -A completed, signed and scanned copy of both sides of the registration form that can be downloaded from the following link:

    Download Registration Form 

    -A passport size photo of the participant

    -Proof of transfer of the program amount to the following bank account

    IBAN: ES18 0049 1645 6025 1005 4480


    A computer with a good Internet connection, camera and microphone is essential.

    For security reasons it is mandatory to participate in the sessions with the camera active and with open audio. 

    The sessions will be done through the Zoom application, so it will be necessary to have the latest version of this application installed.

    A few days before the start of the program, a list of alternative materials that should be available during the program will be sent to all participants.

    A daily attendance record will be kept and parents will be informed when a student does not attend a session.

    The organisers must be informed of any absence so that the working groups can be readjusted.

    Missed sessions cannot be made up.

    -You can’t participate just 1 week or single days. The format of the program is continuous participation during the 10 days of duration.

    -The enrolled person cannot be replaced by another person in case he/she cannot participate one day

    -A family member or friend may be invited to the session, but the visible face will always be the participant.

    -If the participant joins the session late, he or she will be admitted as soon as the session administrator considers it appropriate to avoid disrupting the activities being carried out at that time.

    The sessions last 3 hours each day.

    There will be 2 breaks during the session. One of 10 minutes, and one of 5 minutes.

    Yes, that is why it is important that everyone has a microphone and camera, since work will be done in smaller groups in addition to the general room.

    Yes, at the end of the program a certificate of participation issued by our company, with all our accreditations, will be sent electronically to all participants.

    No, it’s a streaming program of which no recordings will be sent

    Yes, the usual phones and emails of LAP will be active before, during and after the sessions.

    Contact for more information

    +34 91 715 95 36​



    Alberto Pierini



    Expert in Emotional Engineering
    High Impact Trainer


    Master in Social Organizations, he has developed tasks within the Third Sector of singular importance, especially in the area of health, where he worked on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the first cause of death in the world.

    In 2008 he decided to travel to Spain to start up a new project that covers both personal and professional aspects.

    This is how he resumes his dream of developing an activity within the area of human behaviour, contributing and providing his knowledge and experience in accompanying people and companies in transformation processes until they reach a complete state of effectiveness, well-being and happiness.

    He is a professional coach with training in Neuroscience applied to coaching, Elite Communication, High Impact Techniques and Emotional and Sensorial Engineering of the Human Personality Structure.

    Maribel iglesias

    Professional Coach & Speaker


    Dedicated to the world of languages for more than 25 years, she has developed a great deal of experience in methodology and motivational techniques for learning and practicing foreign languages.

    As a consultant and speaker, she is often approached by specialized media about the implementation of techniques and dynamics that facilitate communication at a global level. Maribel is a businesswoman with professional training in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience applied to Coaching

    Miquel Crespi

    Miquel Crespi is a specialist in performing arts with more than 20 years of experience as a director, actor and screenwriter. After working for prestigious theatre companies, 10 years as an actor-scriptwriter for Cía. La Cubana, Cía. Las Caligulas…etc, numerous programmes for national and regional production companies and television channels such as Gestmusic, Gazpacho Films, TV3, Canal Sur, TVE, ETB, and now founder of the Cía.Zootroupe – Troupe Mágica with 13 magicians. Director and scriptwriter of 32 theatre productions. Creator of numerous street shows. Collaborator with communication and advertising agencies for the creation of special events. Producer of spots for conventions and events, for commercial product presentations.

    David Gomez

    David Gómez is a lecturer, trainer and professional coach since 2008, expert in mental focus and productivity, creator in 2015 of the online program Neurofocus System, a methodology with techniques to train the mind daily to achieve your goals and objectives sooner.
    He belongs to the board of directors of ASESCO (Asoc. Esp. De Coaching).
    He has a Youtube channel (David Gomez coach) where he gives tips and advice to train the mind.

    Irene Megina

    I am the founder and director of the School of Laughter Therapy in Madrid. I have been running the school since 2005 and I am dedicated to providing training for trainers, as well as workshops and seminars, and courses in Laughter Therapy.

    I studied Physiotherapy and got my doctorate in acupuncture and Shiatsu. It was later that I decided to specialize in group dynamics, training as a Laughing Therapy facilitator and in disciplines such as Biodanza, Bioenergetics, Art Therapy, Clown.

    I belong to the MAT School of Emotional Engineering in Arancha Merino where I have been training for 6 years. In addition, together with her, I teach the INGEMO course that is held once a year.

    I have collaborated with more than 200 companies as an experiential coach in ‘Team-building’ activities through sessions of Laughter Therapy and other experiential dynamics in order to improve motivation, cohesion, teamwork and other personal skills.

    In this session we are going to have a great time playing and mobilizing our capacities. We propose dynamic games to which we get a lot of juice by expanding our behaviours or limited ways of seeing the vital situations that we are presented with, releasing fears that paralyse us and recovering desire, vitality and the capacity to feel and connect with what is happening to us. We strengthen skills such as communicating to understand each other, encouraging us to act on our dreams, being constant in our objectives, daring to be ourselves and with a more open heart to be able to look to see more widely. In Laughing Therapy what we do is have fun training and getting in shape to have good tools for life.

    Rocío Macías

    Mindfulness is a term that means full attention. It is a way of living and a practice in which we become aware of the present moment without judgment, through which we can allow ourselves to be authentic, become aware of the different facets of our experience, how we move, how we feel both physically and emotionally, and realize whether we are responding to life or whether we are reacting to it.

    This is the basis of all creative life in which we can be more and more honest, practical, awake and walk with a deep sense of the gift that is life.

    There are several studies that confirm that the repeated practice of Mindfulness in adolescents helps them with learning difficulties and academic skills, with social relations and the environment as well as with other types of problems related to attention, stress and anxiety.

    Taking into account all the above, we will know in this meeting:

    – What is mindfulness,
    – We will practice in a fun way through different techniques the conscious attention to the body learning to feel it and know what it tells us,
    – We will discover the different thoughts that occupy the mind by distracting ourselves from the present moment and use the body as an anchor to return to the here and now,
    – We will also relate to other colleagues who have our same concerns and,
    – We will be open to enjoying ourselves and our relationship with others and with life.

    Rocío Macías Navío’s Trajectory

    Rocío Macías Navío graduated in law from UCM and with three postgraduate degrees. One day, thanks to an illness that stopped her, she decided to leave behind her professional career in the banking sector, CSR and Sustainable Investments to dedicate herself to what her heart was calling her to.

    That parenthesis in his life led him to deepen in meditation to know who he really was and he was trained in two paths of yoga in the U.S. and Spain. He also studied Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, complementing it with the line of Cognitive Coaching of the Cognitive Center of Denver and a long career on the path of Forgiveness and Compassion of the School of Forgiveness, of which he is still part of the team of tutors.

    She has been the director and founder of the Liberated Mind project for years.
    ( in which it accompanies other people and groups in processes of life transformation, finding the essence of what they are, as well as doing so in business environments.

    At every moment he continues to discover the importance of life.

    Martín kent

    Martin Kent is an outstanding Argentinean Actor and Mime.
    He is a vegan and an animal rights activist.
    He has been on several occasions a spokesperson and member of PETA and supports causes such as environmental conservation, veganism, as well as Greenpeace.
    He is a student of Buddhism and a volunteer in monasteries in Asia.

    Topics :

    The Imaginary Mirror and Social Masks
    This is my life.
    Inner Life & Buddhism
    Questions and Answers

    Anabel pierini


    Cognitive Therapist

    Specialist in Emergency Psychology – Psychological First Aid – Crisis and Disaster Intervention

    Collaborator of the Psychocosocial Unit of Doctors Without Borders since 2014.

    Topic 1: Signs of Stress in Youth


    – Presentation of the topic

    – Definition of stress and distress

    – Particular characteristics in children and

    – How to identify the danger signs.

    – Let’s play to stress us out! And let’s learn some stress management techniques 

    – What is Anxiety?

    – What Psychology says about stress?

    -Final Exercise: “Scanning Technique”


    Topic 2: Caught in the Net


    – Concept of Addiction

    – General Considerations

    – The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

    – Use and Abuse

    – Factors Risk Management and Prevention Strategies

    – Signs of alarm: What should I be aware of?

    – How to to help a friend who’s addicted to networks?

    – Final Exercise : Who is hiding behind the Avatar 

    Bruno Pierini

    Offshore Captain Senior Officer in Dynamic positioning.

    Chief of Deck Officers and Diving Operations on the vessel “Skandi Patagonia”.


    Cristina Molero.

    Primary Education Teacher.

    Specialized in teaching the English language.
    Therapeutic Pedagogue.
    Monitor and coordinator of the Freedom Evolution LAP program.
    Collaborator in the Down’s Syndrome Association in Cuenca (2013)

    Asja ugo

    Linguistic and cultural mediator 

    Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages

    Receptionist in international hotels

    Human Resources Manager 

    Caribbean dance teacher

    Tourist dance and fitness instructor since 2007.