Professional Coaching

    Junior and teenagers emotional intelligence

    Life Coaching

    Life Coaching is a succesfull current technique in order to make people to develop their natural learning skills, bringing changes that will improve their quality of life and reaching their goals quickly and effectively. In LAP we have specialized in TEENAGERS COACHING, accompaniment through which the participants realize their own competences, vocations and talents, getting rid of their limiting beliefs which difficult their personal development.

    Duration: 6/8 sessions of 90 minutes
    Precio: 85€ per session

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    Discovery and Development talent and vocation for teenagers

    Emotional intelligence course in Madrid

    Executive Coaching

    It is a development program of management competences for businessmen and executives where the coach makes his coachee (client) aware of their limitations and begin to manage and erase the blocks which stop them for achieving their goals and objectives.

     Daily life situations which pose an obstacle for the learning process against which Coaching acts as an empowering possibility for development both Executive and Personal.

    Duration: Between 3 or 4 sessions of  90/120 minutes
    Price: 110€

    Emotional intelligence consultant in Madrid

    Family Relational Coaching

    Consulting process which includes dynamics and workshops, specially designed for LAP in order to give support to parents and close relatives in those cases where the systemis change due to the participants in the prgoram absence generates emotional disorders of difficult management.

    Duration: 2 meetings de 120 minutos
    Total price: 270€

    Motivation workshop in Madrid

    Workshops and conferences

    Educational and Training activities linked to Coaching, Emotional Management and Personal Grown and Development

    Duration: Depending each case need.