Total Immersion

  • July and August
  • Progress Station: USA, Canada or Spain

Every step forward in your way

will bring you closer to yourself.

Spanish summer camp for kids

PTP participants equipped with supplies (knowledge) and gas (experience) are ready to start the third stage of their formation, growth and personal strengthen. Participants will face new challenges which will give them powerful and indispensible for the construction of the desired future. There will not be empty moments, each one of them will be remembered with great emotion and the evolution will be constant and touchable. They will realize that progress is concentrating all the potential in the construction of the new desire with total conviction that it´s achievable, erasing limiting beliefs, focusing all the energy in the dreams and overcoming paralyzing fears.

It is designed for teenagers between 13-20 years old and the objetive is getting in the 4 week program an important improvement of English or Spanish skills through the living-together with a native family. This way the participant will be constantly improving their communication capacity, interpretation, creativity and personal development through the last techniques of Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Acting and Socializing.

Guranteed Sucess

The 4 key points

Careful selection of families
Chosen by our local organization, make the students feel loved, welcome, cared and totally integrated.
Total Immersion
For a month the participant will be a member of an international family, living and adapting to their daily life. He will have no contact with other same nationality students and will take advantage of his stay to improve his language Skills
Local Rep Supervision
Local organization will be in charge of watching over the student, and his stay will be unforgettable by making sure all the elements in the program work. Together with the family, they will be their support during the 4 weeks.
LAP´S Supervision and Follow up
LBefore, during, and after the program LAP will be doing a continuous follow up with the Student and their family.