Progressive Training Program

    English activities program

    What is LAP´s Progressive Training Program?

    It is a four stage program where participants gain communication skills to significantly improving their knowledge and mastery of either their English or Spanish language needs.

    Along the four stages, the participants improve their personal development, creativity and leadership abilities through Coaching, Acting, Socializing and Emotional Intelligence.

    Freedom Station

    The Freedom Station is the first step towards overcoming constraining beliefs that hinder a state of wellbeing. In this stage, the participants walk away from their safe and comfortable situations in order to confront their fears, doubt and insecurities and overcome them during their stay. The participants learn the inner resources they have which they may not be aware of and develop them to their full potential. They live new situations and work to improve their individual state of mind. At the end of this stage they will be open to new things in their lives; and will develop an increased capacity to communicate, think and understand.

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    Atlantis Station

    This is the discovery stage where for the first time participants realize their new potential. They start to realize their inner changes, strengths, performance in different situations, ability to socialize, communicate, and to build new cultural attributes which enable them to be ambassadors of their country of origin. The name comes from the lost continent of Atlantis since it connects us to the ideas of discovery, adventure, challenge, and fantasy but also with reality. This is the moment in the program for reflection and understanding. It is a trip to our inner being. Just like a trip to Atlantis where we would be discovering marvels that are not visually apparent but are somewhere waiting to be discovered.

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    Bilingual sea camp

    Progress Station
    The participants at this stage are equipped with the knowledge and experience that enables them to start their voyage to the unexplored. The Program will give them a new challenge that provides them with new and powerful tools that are indispensable to constructing their desired future. There ate no empty moments, every experience will be remembered with great emotion and constant tangible progress. They will understand that all their potential is related to focusing their energy on their dreams and not their fears and that they are attainable.

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    Alpha Station
    Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used as a symbol of new beginnings. We called this the Alpha stage because, in our opinion, once this stage is completed the participant is able to start a new interaction with today’s world, a world without borders. This is the most important stage of the program since we start to realize that all the previous stages have lead us to this one and every stage is clear to us at this point. The participant has all the necessary tools to achieve their personal success. They will live experiences that will change their future. They will practice their new skills in leadership, as a host and guest, socializing, and handling emotions. They will develop a previously unimaginable ability to communicate effectively and to overcome their self imposed limits. They will be knowledgeable that success is not the end result but the journey that gets you to where you want to be.

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