"The maturation process that every student should have will be speeded up"


    Staying abroad, is, according to my judgement very positive for students development both personally and academically.


    Living a period of time outside the family environment will give the students the opportunity to face new challenges in which they will have to  solve issues that they wouldn´t normally even though those issues are within their reach. 

    I am talking about daily life tasks such as tidy their belongings or planning their life with a work/leisure schedule as well as fulfil commitments. This experience gives them a new space where their life is more self sufficient and with more responsibility.


    In other words the maturation process that every student should have will be speeded up.  They will have to put in practice their social skills to initiate new friendships, being able to resolve conflicts and accepting the frustrations or discomfort associated to any adapting process.


    Lastly, I want to point out that being language learning very important, it has the same importance  the acquisition of new resources which will strengthen their personality so they can get to be a man or a woman with the control of their life, being responsible and trustworthy due to their honesty and their respect to others.


    Our educational group formed by Colegio Abaco, Colegio Alameda de Osuna and Colegio Arcangel Rafael is happy to have been close partners with LAP Beyond Languages so our students can improve their language level participating in their programs, which complements in a great way with our educational project. Our students formation with LAP has been very positive and enriching in all meanings.

    Gregorio García Álvarez-

    Director pedagógico de Colegio Ábaco,Colegio Alameda de Osuna y Colegio Arcángel Rafael


    "Ha contribuito alla crescita in autonomia, autostima, creatività, rispetto per la natura "


    Salve a tutti,

    Sono qui a raccontare quella che è stata la mia esperienza come mamma di una giovanissima utente della LAP, Giorgia.

    Siamo una famiglia italo-spagnola e mia figlia ha avuto la fortuna di partecipare per 6 anni consecutivi al Camp organizzato dalla Lap.

    Considerando che la bambina aveva 7 anni la prima volta che andava, che io la avrei accompagnata e sarei tornata in Italia - a 2000 km da li – per riprenderla alla fine del soggiorno e che era un momento delicato della nostra vita familiare, non nego inizialmente una buona dose di apprensione nel  farla partecipare.

    Con il senno di poi posso dire che è stata tra le scelte migliori che si siano potute fare.

    L’esperienza è stata eccellente, l’organizzazione fantastica ed ha contribuito alla crescita in autonomia, autostima, creatività, rispetto per la natura … oltre che all’apprendimento della lingua inglese in forma non pesante, scolastica, ma proficua. Ha imparato, giocando, pianificando, discutendo … in un ambiente, giovane, competente, ben organizzato e, quasi esclusivamente, madrelingua inglese.

    Tanto è stata di gradimento mio e di mia figlia l’esperienza, che l’anno successivo al primo, dal collegio Cervantes di Roma, sono partiti 11 ragazzi e tutti sono rientrati a Roma molto soddisfatti. Da allora, sempre, qualche amico di mia figlia ha aderito al programma di Lap e sempre ne è rimasto molto contento.

    La direzione del Lap è magnificamente gestita e diretta da Maribel Iglesias e Albert Pierini, due veri professionisti che si dedicano con competenza, creatività e passione ai ragazzi e, oltre al lavoro progettuale, sono poi fisicamente presenti al Camp per tutta la sua durata.

    I Direttori, presenti, attivi e propositivi in tutte le fasi di realizzazione. Nonostante questo impegno non indifferente  non si chiudono ai ragazzi, la loro porta è sempre aperta per qualunque tipo di intervento richiesto.

    Il  maggiore punto di forza della LAP rispetto ad altre organizzazioni dello stesso settore, a mio avviso, è nella integrazione che riesce a realizzare tra: l’insegnamento della lingua inglese senza appesantire i ragazzi dopo un anno scolastico e l’importanza e la cura che la Direzione dedica alla crescita di ragazzi autonomi, responsabili e cittadini del mondo, con la attribuzione di compiti e responsabilità, ogni volta adeguati alla fase di sviluppo in cui ciascun ragazzo si trova

    Loretta Cavazzini - Mother and psychologist


     "LAP team was always helping us to manage our every day."


    LAP has always helped us understand our daughter´s concerns. They always help our children but they also help us, the parents in this long and difficult way that implies let our kids fly out.

    The program in USA  marked a turning point in our lives, it helped us finding out how brave our daughter is and that she can overcome any challenge she may face.

    LAP team was always helping us to manage our every day. It was them who through their experience encouraged us to do this program. Without them this stage of our life would not have happened.

    LAP provides personalize customer care, each child, each family feels unique.

    I have the opportunity to encourage you, parents. Our kids want to be Universal Citizens, with LAP you will be in the best hands, let them fly. Their experience will be one-of-a-kind and the host families the best for your kids.



    Jose Maria Alarcón y Mar Moreno - Padres


    It helped us to improve our family communication


    LAP summer camps will not only help us to combine our kid´s holidays with our working life, it will also fill them with new experiences. They will come back with batteries charged and a positive attitude.


    When enjoying the opportunity of breaking with the rutine, be away from mum and dad for a couple of weeks, the experience turn into something unforgettable at both learing and emotional level.


    LAP itself is fun. In the summer camp they learn to share ideas, experiences and knowledge with their campers fellows and their monitors in a very different environment from homework and school exams. That´s why it is an excellent learning, convivence and respect alternative, and it will help to improve their social skills.

    In our case, both Juan and Cecilia learn to get out of thei rshell, making new friends, forcing them to adapt in a new environment, work in team and gain authonomy, facing certain situations for first time in their life

    We have noticed a great change at their return every year, specially in their experiences and values-based learning, like solidarity, self-steem, independence and healthy competition. In our family we try to teach this on their education.

    But, above all, what have triggered that our kids repeate this experience every year is that it has helped us to improve our family communication. Our kids have always come back home full with new incentives that have shared with us. This improves and strengthen our familiar relationships and help the kids to order their memories, argue their experiences, enriching their communicational skills.


    And of course, LAP also help us the parents. Change and evolution in our children is contagious and it affects us as well. The fantastic Project of Life that Maribel and Alberto pass on to us help us put it into practice in our daily life, keeping LAPPERS network during the whole year, with for example the celebration of the Spring Party.




    Teresa Serra - Mother 


    "I believe myself to be capable of going out into the world"


    My name is Martín Ballesteros Arias, and I’m a Lapper.

    Now, I know you must be asking yourselves, What is that? And you are completely right, it’s not an everyday Word, but it holds a special meaning for me.

    I first came to the LAP summer camp program when I was 6… I was by far the youngest of the entire program, but I believe I was the one who enjoyed those camps the most.

    I will always remember those camps with love, actually I used to spend half my year hoping that clases would finally finnish so I could go back to camp. But while in class you could always tell who had gone to a summer camp, and who hadn’t, mostly because they stood out in english class, bute ven tho it was always an english summer camp, the LAP program gave you something else, something more valuable tan a couple vocabulary words, they showed us what was a different culture, and taught us how to handle it. It is thanks to that extra mile they went to that I was able to go to USA for a full year and enjoy the experience to the fullest, all the way from the everyday family life to the days I spent with my friends  over there (I must add that they were from 7 different cultures) eating and playing games together in the club we created at school.

    All said, I believe myself to be capable of going out into the world and be able to adapt to any situation that may come my way, and it is likely that some of them will be the same I encountered at camp.

    Nowadays I’m a med student in 3rd year, and during my last few summers I’ve been a monitor in the summer camp located in Alicante, and as a monitor I’ve realized how much the camp has improved in the last decade, and how much the kids enjoy going to camp.


    Martin Ballesteros- Medicine Student, Lapper